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You may not be leading the British up Everest, but planning even the puniest expedition can be a logistical nightmare. No more! Climbing: Expedition Planning by Clyde Soles with Phil Powers deconstructs high-altitude adventuring, from budgeting to selecting partners.

Pittsburgh Tribune Review
Perhaps you've dreamt of leading a mountaineering expedition, but considered the logistics too overwhelming. Clyde Soles with Phil Powers, authors of Climbing: Expedition Planning, can help.

Everett Herald
Climbing: Expedition Planning provides the well-packaged nitty-gritty, from trekking agents to high-altitude sickness. Dreams come first, but then reality sets in. This book will help climbers plan in a logical fashion.

Sharael Feist, about.com
Climbing: Expedition Planning is a must-have if you're thinking about undergoing an expedition…This easy to read format makes the book appealing as a reference guide… If you've ever dreamed of attempting an expedition, this book will give you a realistic sense of what is involved.

Here are some excerpts on EverestNews.com.
When climbing a major peak, preparation is the key to success. But all the planning and all the numerous tasks and details can be overwhelming and endless. Expedition Planning is a helpful guide that will take you through all the steps to getting your expedition off the ground.
—Ed Viesturs

Chapter 1 — Expedition Dreaming

What is an Expedition?
The Objective
A Matter of Timing
A Matter of Risk
A Matter of Style
Defining the Mission

Chapter 2 — Teamwork Is Everything

Size Matters
Creating The Team

Chapter 3 — In The Know

Fact Finding Mission
Travel Smarts
Know Your Mountain

Chapter 4 — Time and Money

Time Flies
Money Matters

Chapter 5 — Supply Line: Home to Base Camp

On the Move
The Approach Trek
At Base Camp

Chapter 6 — Supply Line: Base Camp To Summit

The Lower Mountain
The Mountain Kitchen
High on the Peak

Chapter 7 — Mountain Living: Personal Gear

Sleeping Systems
Climbing Gear
The Other Stuff

Chapter 8 — Meal Time: Power Eating

Dining Up To Base
Mountain Food
Mountain Menus
Power Shopping

Chapter 9 — Realizing The Dream

The Approach Trek
In Base Camp
The Climb
The Descent
After The Climb
After the Expedition

Appendix A: Questionaires
Appendix B: Resources
Appendix C: Gear Checklist
Appendix D: Medical Supplies