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This edition is now obsolete. Please check out the second edition.

Whatever your talent, experience, and ambition, if you climb, you would do well to read Clyde Soles' training manual. This book will allow you to pull down harder, last longer, and have more fun while you're at it.
— Jon Krakauer

Solid research and an easy read. Clyde's recipe for climbing fitness is a refreshing combination of movement, streangth training, psychological capacity, and appropriate nutrition. But there are no instant miracles; none of his words will mean anything if you won't do the work. Do you have the will?
— Mark Twight

I've been poring over your book... reminded each time how much work you put into it and how little most readers will appreciate the effort. Just know that I do. — Mark Twight

Of all the training books we've seen for climbing and extreme sports, this one reigns supreme. — SNEWS

From nutritional needs to aerobic and strength training instruction to overall program suggestions, this guide informs a climber of any age and level who is looking to improve personal performance. — Rocky Mountain Sports

Here's a detailed review at Camp4.com.

Chapter 1 — Performance and Nutrition Fundamentals

Performance Fundamentals
Nutrition Basics
Diet Basics
Sport Eating
Fueling The Climb
Recovery Fuels
Big Wall Food
Expedition Nutrition

Chapter 2 — Mind & Body: Mental & Flexibility Training

Mind Flex
Body Flex
Stretching Basics
18 Stretches

Chapter 3 — Aerobic Conditioning

Aerobic Fundamentals
Follow Your Heart
Cross-Play: 12 Fun Sports
Altitude Basics

Chapter 4 — Strength Conditioning

Strength Basics
Gym Considerations
Weighty Concepts
28 Resistance Exercises

Chapter 5 — Recovery: Rest & Rehab

Rest Up

Chapter 6 — Synergy: Coalescing & Planning

Putting It All Together
Training for Rock
Training for Alpine
Planning Your Program
Basic Performance Programs
Peaking For Goals

Appendix A—Dining Out
Appendix B—Glycemic Index
Appendix C—Glossary
Appendix D—Resources