Writing and photography are my profession. And my passions—along with climbing, skiing, biking, trail running, scuba diving, traveling, food, wine...and my wife, Cindy.

My most recent book, The Fire Smart Home Handbook: Preparing for and Surviving the Threat of Wildfire, was published by Lyons Press in April 2014. This is a very detailed guide to living in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)

My Photography Gallery contains around 1,000 images (this web site started as a blog before there was such a thing, so the early scans and pages need updating). I use many camera systems including 4/3 digital (Olympus E-3 system), 35mm film (Olympus and Nikonos III), 35mm panorama (Horizon), 6x6cm medium format (Mamiya 6 system), 4x5" large format and 7x17" banquet format.

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