The Fire Smart Home Handbook: Preparing for and Survivning the Threat of Wildfire was published in 2014 by Lyons Press. This is a detailed guide to living in the Wildland Urban Interface.

"No threat is left untouched in this handbook worthy of a firefighters academy library."

— Publisher's Weekly

Knots for Climbers, 3rd Edition was published in 2011 by FalconGuides. This 52-page manual was originally written by my friend Craig Luebben, who was killed in a climbing accident. I fully updated the book with new information and color photos. It covers the use of 26 knots as well as selecting ropes and webbing.
Backpacking Basics was published in 2011 by FalconGuides. This 90-page manual is part of the Backpacker Magazine series. This pocket guide gives an introduction to the equipment and techniques for staying comfortable on the trail.
Outdoor Knots was published in 2011 by FalconGuides. This 86-page manual is part of the Backpacker Magazine series. It covers 30 of the most useful knots and has nearly 140 color photos showing how to tie them.
The second edition of Climbing: Training for Peak Performance, was released in 2008. This is a major revision and update of the previous book. It now contains 270 pages, with 118 photos and 4 anatomical illustrations. The nine chapters cover nutrition, aerobic conditioning, resistance training, and stretching for all types and ages of climbers.
The second edition of Land Navigation Handbook was published in 2005 by Sierra Club Books. This classic title first came out in 1983 and has remained in print ever since. For this new edition, I completely revised the manuscript and added chapters on using GPS and mapping software. It contains 248 pages, with 22 new photos and 20 new illustrations, and about half the text is mine.
The Outdoor Knots Book was published in 2004 by the Mountaineers Books. Intended for backpackers, climbers, and paddlers, this contains over 40 knots, with explicit instructions on tying methods and usage. 125 photos show step-by-step techniques for the most practical knots that any avid outdoorsperson should know. In addition, there is a great deal of information on selecting and using ropes and webbing. Also available in Chinese.
Climbing: Expedition Planning was published in 2003. Part of the Mountaineers Outdoor Expert Series, it's a detailed how-to for major trips to high peaks and remote places. There are 224 pages, with 87 photos (76 are mine), covering all aspects of planning and executing the adventure of a lifetime. Although Phil Powers is listed as the co-author, ninty percent of the text is by me.
Climbing: Training for Peak Performance, published in 2002, was the second title in the Mountaineers Outdoors Expert Series. It contains 240 pages, with 96 photos and 4 anatomical illustrations, that cover nutrition, stretching, aerobic conditioning, and resistance training for all types and ages of climbers. This is out of print.
The Mountaineers published, Rock & Ice Gear: Equipment for the Vertical World, in 2000. A compilation of six years of my articles, it's a comprehensive guide to choosing and using climbing equipment, with 336 pages, 143 photos and 53 illustrations. Also available in Spanish.
A Positive Occurence in the Countryside was published in 1988 by the University of Colorado in Boulder. This was the final project for my BA in Nature Photojournalism. It is an exploration of the environment and architecture of the National Center for Atmospheric Research.